I Carve minimal Sculptures in to the guidelines Of Pencils

i am Tom Lynall and I also carve small pen sculptures for a spare time activity. I’m from Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM and also have already been a jeweler for 11 many years. In November just last year I was sitting during my workshop and selected a pencil and thought I’d carve slightly heart to the tip, bit performed i am aware this might begin me personally down on a single of the most engrossing hobbies i’ve ever had.

I adore art but I have never had the opportunity to-draw so this is a great technique me to create things aided by the restrictions of my ability. The main device I use is the scalpel blade shown inside pictures also various pins that we have altered the end of to offer me personally different blades.

this can be great fun to do this if you wish to give it a chance the most effective guidance I’m able to offer would be to perhaps not get annoyed when they break, they’re incredibly fragile but as soon as your done they have been fantastically pleasing.

Concealed Village

This piece took about 25 hours to perform and almost drove myself crazy.

Size Comparison Alongside My Scalpel

Village Under Moonlight

In addition caused it to be light making use of a small LED.

Instagram Logo

Instagram is the better application We have previously discovered for finding designers.

Cyanide And Happiness

These constantly make myself laugh thus I performed this.


Paintbrush And Palette

this is something special for an extremely skill singer Erica Wexler just who did me personally a commission.

Mario Mushroom

Zelda Things

I love the Zelda games so made this. I really dropped it after 4 hours along with to begin once again.

Red Heart

Rapunzel’s Hair From The Woman Tower

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