We Photobomb inventory pictures To Inject Some Reality Into Them

consistently as a skill manager in marketing and advertising, We shifted through countless stock pictures and constantly believed like there was something off about them.

genuine people were performing real things we all do, but in the finish it performedn’t feel real. Therefore in an attempt to inject some reality into these photographs, i did so the one and only thing I could consider, we injected myself by photobombing the crap regarding them.

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Co-workers playing hide-and-seek

Executive performing coke behind cubicle partition

guy enjoying girlfriend’s pits

Roommate with boundary dilemmas

guy vacuums grandparents

Uncle consuming at niece’s birthday celebration

Man becoming 3rd wheel

Parents taking picture with son’s “friend”

Man sent to their demise by passionate gesture

Russian Mother Continues To simply take Magical images Of the woman Two youngsters With Animals on her behalf Farm

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