Magical Glow-In-The-Dark Harry Potter Book Cover Redesign By Kincso Nagy

The Harry Potter followers in Dumbledore’s Army realize that the publications will not put forgotten on the racks. So does Hungarian art student Kincső Nagy, which produced some amazing brand-new glow-in-the-dark cover designs for J. K. Rowling’s definitive number of books. The newly-designed covers’ mysterious glow will take you even deeper into Potter’s magical world of witchcraft. She also updated the Philosopher’s rock guide with amazing pop-up illustrations.

Kincső designed these covers as the woman Bachelor’s level project as a supreme work of Harry Potter fandom. “The Harry Potter books are really magical, mystical and adventurous,” writes Nagy. “These books take the edge of childhood, for that reason my goal would be to redesign all of them with illustrations that reflect this extraordinary environment.“

more information: Behance (h/t: mashable)

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